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Hape Cogworks Experimental Playset

Hape Cogworks Experimental Playset

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This DIY science kit provides an introduction to the principles of engineering and physics, giving kids a hands-on understanding of topics such as gears, force, speed, and connectivity.

Nurture your preschooler's budding engineering skills with this stimulating, multicolored pin-and-pegboard set. Featuring attractive illustrations of a robot, rocket, and car, this playset encourages your child to experiment with the vibrant pegs and gears to create mesmerizing moving masterpieces.

Dig into engineering concepts as your child makes the robot arms wave, car steer, and rocket launch! Inspire learning and understanding of physics basics like force, speed and connectivity with this Hape Cogworks Educational Playset. It strengthens fine motor skills as kids maneuver the colorful cogs, two cardboard backgrounds, and 100 pins. The pieces store easily in a lockable carry case, so you can encourage self learning and early childhood development anywhere. This top-quality set is made with child-safe materials that are free of BPA and phthalates, so it's durable enough to last for years. Make a great gift for 3+ year olds!

Includes 6 cogs, 6 cardboard backgrounds, 7 cardboard decorations, 100 pins and pegboard, all in a convenient and lockable carrying case

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