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Hape Magnetic Vehicles Set

Hape Magnetic Vehicles Set

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Age: 3+ Years

Zoom into playtime with these fun and educational vehicle magnets, encouraging fine motor skills and vocabulary development.

To boost their shape and pattern recognition, encourage children to make sounds associated with each type of vehicle, like ‘vroom’ for cars and ‘zoom’ for planes.

  • This set features 30 classic vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, planes, boats and even a UFO! As children learn about different modes of transportation, they can create their own stories based on the vehicles, which boosts their language and communication skills.
  • As little fingers pick up and arrange the vehicles, they’ll improve their finger strength and hand-eye coordination.
  • Whether you’re using them on the Hape easel or as a fridge toy, these magnets will stick to any metal-based surface.
  • The size and shape of these magnets are easy for little fingers to move around, and the bright colors ignite their imagination and creativity.
  • This puzzle’s durable wooden base and strong magnetic backing will withstand hours of play.


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