About Us


Welcome to ECOBUNS! We help families keep a tiny footprint by providing them a place to purchase all of their eco-friendly baby and children's products. We also stock heirloom quality toys, games, and puzzles

ECOBUNS BABY + CO is located in the fabulous lakeshore city of Holland, MI. Our brick and mortar store is conveniently located in the quaint Lakeway Plaza on the corner of Lakewood Blvd. and Waverly.


Meet the ECOBUNS Family


Vicki enjoys working with the families of ECOBUNS BABY + CO . to help them meet their natural parenting needs. She is at the store on most days  helping families or working hard to find fun, new products for the store while making sure all your favorite products are stocked.

Vicki is the grandmother to six grandchildren. She cloth diapered her own children in the 80's and 90's and has helped change the cloth diapers of all of her grandchildren.

When she's not at ECOBUNS BABY + CO ., she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, quilting, and biking with her dog.

You can contact Vicki by e-mail: vicki@ecobuns.com.


Marissa is the community builder of ECOBUNS BABY + CO .. She is responsible for all the fun activities and events that take place at ECOBUNS BABY + CO . She makes sure that our customers can stay informed and connected with what's going on through Facebook and Instagram.

Marissa is a mother of two, ages five and three. When not at ECOBUNS Marissa is usually out on an adventure with her kiddos.

You can contact Marissa by e-mail: marissa@ecobuns.com


Raina was the first addition to the ECOBUNS BABY + CO . team. Locals will be welcomed by her, and she is available to help you have the best shopping experience possible at ECOBUNS BABY + CO . Raina is also our e-mail marketing expert.

Raina joined the ECOBUNS BABY + CO .team in the spring of 2015, but she is no stranger to the family behind ECOBUNS BABY + CO .. Long before the days that ECOBUNS BABY + CO .even existed, her and her family have been a part of our own family. Raina graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a BFA in Interior Design. She has worked in the retail environment for ALMOST 20 years.

Family has always been a top priority for Raina, even more so now since she has three children. She is a cloth diapering and baby-wearing enthusiast as well as anything earth-friendly.

You can contact Raina by e-mail: raina@ecobuns.com