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Hape Magnetic Numbers

Hape Magnetic Numbers

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Age: 3+ Years

A pack of magnetic numbers and math symbols so your child can learn everything from identifying basic numbers to more challenging arithmetic sequences.

Encourage imaginative play by creating simple math stories with the numbers, for example, “There are two frogs on the lily pad, and then two frogs jump on. How many frogs are there on the lily pad?”.

  • With seven mathematics symbols and number sets from zero to nine, children can start to learn the basics of numbers, counting and simple equations.
  • As little fingers pick up and arrange the numbers, they’ll improve their finger strength and hand-eye coordination.
  • Children can start to identify patterns of organisation by sorting and grouping numbers based on different criteria, such as by colour, low and high, and even and odd.
  • Whether you’re using them on the Hape easel or as a fridge toy, these magnets will stick to any metal-based surface.
  • The size and shape of these magnets are easy for little fingers to move around, and the bright colours make counting fun.



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