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Green Planet Explorers - Sam and Pam Set

Green Planet Explorers - Sam and Pam Set

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Ages 3-8 Years

Join Pam and Sam on another sustainable adventure. Discover nature with solar-powered gadgets, and map-guided quests, all whilst learning how to respect nature.

Use this play set to inspire children to explore their surroundings using the `solar-powered` tools. This way children can learn how to explore nature in a sustainable way.

IDEAL FOR FREE PLAY: This set is perfect for encouraging role play, creativity and imagination, and letting children be free to create their own nature exploration games.
PLENTY OF ACCESSORIES: This set includes two panda figurines, one tablet, one school bag, two hats, one magnifying glass, one water bottle, one flashlight and one leaflet.
MULTI-ACTION FIGURINE: Sam and Pam can sit, stand and hold accessories with their hands.
SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: This set is made from a minimum of 80% renewable materials, including bio-plastic Green PE and FSC-certified wood.


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