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Thirsties Hanging Wetbag (more options available)

Thirsties Hanging Wetbag (more options available)

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Thirsties Hanging Wetbag provides the perfect storage solution for any busy parent. With adjustable straps, it hangs conveniently over any door knob or towel bar and can comfortably hold up to 20 diapers. Keep your space neat and baby's essentials organized with Thirsties!

Thirsties Hanging Wetbag is the perfect addition to your diapering routine! Its waterproof TPU interior keeps smells from leaking and wicking and the sturdy straps can be snapped in two directions - perfect for over a bar or rail, or around a doorknob!

Measuring 18"W X 26"H, it holds up to 20 diapers and eliminates the need for disposable plastic bags making it an eco-friendly choice for all ages. So why wait - get your wetbag today!

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