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Lock & Learn Playboard

Lock & Learn Playboard

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Ages 3-6 Years

Begin your unlocking adventure with our captivating toy board. Featuring a variety of locks, doors, and secret passages for imaginative play and problem-solving fun.

This toy has ‘doors’ of different sizes and colors, so why not try encouraging your child to identify them as they play? You can ask questions like, "Can you find the green door?" which helps children develop their color and pattern recognition.

  • This playboard helps children develop fine motor skills as the locks require precise finger movements to release them.
  • Some locks might be a bit tricky for young children to open. Children learn to keep trying and not give up easily, helping improve their resilience and determination.
  • Above the green door is a signal that slides to say `Warning` or `Hello`. A great tool to teach children about strangers and when they should and shouldn`t answer the door.
  • This toy comes with different latches that can be opened and locked. It also includes a functional clock and a light plus a pet cat which can be hidden behind any door.
  • The lock board comes with a handle making it easy to carry.

WARNING: Strangulation hazard-long cord. Not suitable for children under 18 months. Please keep all the relevant information for future reference.

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