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Lalaboom - Maxi Set of Educational Beads & 4 Farm Animals

Lalaboom - Maxi Set of Educational Beads & 4 Farm Animals

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With Jojo the rabbit and his friends, children will tirelessly discover new functions from the age of 10 months to 4 years and up. Lalaboom is the only toy that develops children’s motor and cognitive skills, step by step.

EVOLVING. Large beads to screw, clip, assemble and tie together to create a multitude of colorful and varied combinations and shapes.

From 10 MONTHS onwards, sensory discoveries are on the menu, thanks to the different textures and colors of the beads.

At 15 MONTHS, children will begin to learn how to open and close the beads. - By 18 MONTHS, they will be able to mix the beads together.

When they reach 24 MONTHS, it’s time to start building things!

Children can create strings of beads and explore their creativity. - By the time children reach 36 MONTHS, they will be able to invent stories and stimulate their imagination, whilst also trying their hand at lacing with the lacing stick; a step in the right direction as far as learning to write is concerned.

USEFUL, LONG-LASTING TOYS. Lalaboom promotes well-informed consumer choices and shows children that a single toy can have many a surprise in store for them that they will gradually discover as they grow up.

CONTAINS: 18 large beads (5 cm in diameter), 4 accessories and a lacing stick.

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