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Hape Wobble Wonder Stacker

Hape Wobble Wonder Stacker

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Ages: 1-3 Years

Create a game where you and your toddler take turns stacking pieces on the wobbly base. Build up their confidence by celebrating each successful stacking attempt with positive praise and clapping.

"DISCOVER THE HIDDEN CHICK: To find the chick hidden inside the egg, toddlers need to use their fingers to twist off the three different eggshell layers, which helps to develop their hand muscles and fine motor skills.
VISUAL DEVELOPMENT: With a cute chicken and egg design, this toy will be a sensory companion to your baby as they learn to track movements and identify objects with their eyes.
2-IN-1 FUN: Curious minds will be attracted to this toy’s roly poly wobbling, and once they get it in their hands, see the amazement in their eyes as they remove the layers and watch the chick jump out of the shell.
TUMMY TIME PAL: This wobbler and stacker is ideal for babies during tummy time as they can practice reaching and pulling themselves up.
BABY-FRIENDLY FEATURES: The rounded body of this toy ensures it’s safe for little hands to grasp and its balanced, durable design withstands batting and pushing."

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