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Hape Twittering Bird Drum Shaped Rattle

Hape Twittering Bird Drum Shaped Rattle

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Ages: 10+ Months

Introduce your child to the delights of traditional Chinese toys with the Hape Twittering Bird Drum Shaped Rattle. This durable wooden rattle features a cute twittering bird print and emits a bell-like sound when spun. Stimulate your child's fine motor skills as they attempt to grab and spin it, and the mildew-free PVA construction ensures safety and long-lasting play. Recommended for children 10 months and up.

This modern take on the classic Chinese toy emits a gentle, bell-like tinkle as the drum is spun. Helping soothe your newborn with the magic of rhythm, it's sure to become a go-to favorite.

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