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Hape Human Body Puzzle

Hape Human Body Puzzle

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This large jigsaw puzzle will be fun for children to assemble as they learn more about the human body. After the jigsaw puzzle pieces are assembled, the pieces that signify the muscles, organs, and bones can then be put into place. A double-sided educational poster of the human body is also included. Measures 39.4” x 19.7”.

Little ones are fascinated by the human body – watch your child learn all about it on their own with this beautifully illustrated anatomy puzzle for kids. This educational toy helps your child learn through play. They work on their problem-solving skills as they piece together the jigsaw pieces, then position wooden bones, organs and muscles on top of the puzzle. Kids learn how the human body works, and develop a lifelong love for biology and the natural world.

Have you ever wondered how exactly the kidneys help you by cleaning your blood? Find out that and 9 other exciting facts about the body in a double-sided, colorful poster included with the puzzle.

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