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Hape Chalks and Stencils Art

Hape Chalks and Stencils Art

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Age: 3+ Years

Encourage children to explore their creative capacity and tap into their latent artistic abilities with this kids chalk set. The range of options this set offers is sure to ignite imaginations and cultivate creativity. Introduce youngsters to the basics of art and improve their ability to manipulate small objects. This art kit for kids includes 12 sticks of thin chalk, 2 chalk holders, 2 bicolor chunky chalks, a paper tape roll, 4 stencils, and a poster providing direction and ideas tailored to the Hape easel chalkboard. Hours of fun are guaranteed!

This kid-friendly chalk and stencil art set is designed to cultivate creative expression, and promote fine motor skills and sensory development. With the Hape Chalk and Stencils Art kit, children can practice their hand-eye coordination as they color and trace. Crafted from BPA and phthalate-free materials, as well as dustless chalk, this set is made with durability and safety in mind. Solid construction guarantees that your child can enjoy their art set for years.

The developmental, creative, and social advantages of toys for pre-schoolers are well established. Hape Chalks and Stencils Art provide a tidy drawing experience with enhanced control for aspiring young artists. Unlock opportunities to explore and play with these exciting new products.
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