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HABA Animal Upon Animal

HABA Animal Upon Animal

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This game features an eclectic array of animals, such as crocodiles, frilled lizards, sheep, toucans, monkeys, hedgehogs, and snakes. Skillful stacking is required to avoid being the player without any animals remaining. Since its release in 2005, HABA Animal Upon Animal has sold over 600,000 copies worldwide.

This iconic product from HABA, designed and manufactured in Germany, offers fun for all ages and is a staple of Adult Game nights. Players compete to be the first to stack their wooden animals atop the animal pile before their opponents. Rolling the die determines the number of animals that can be added, as well as whether a piece can be placed on the alligator base. Players can sharpen their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while enjoying this popular HABA game, which has won the Major Fun! Award and earned the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval.

Comprised of one crocodile, four toucans, four sheep, four snakes, four monkeys, four penguins, four hedgehogs, and four lizards alongside a wooden die featuring symbols and a set of game instructions.


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