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Thirsties Newborn All in One Diaper

Thirsties Newborn All in One Diaper

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Thirsties Newborn All In One provides a unique fit for bundles 5-14 lbs, featuring an adjustable rise & snap-down umbilical cord cutout (snappable style). It offers absorbency, water-tight protection, & adjustability all in one comfy, chic diaper.

Absorbing up to seven times its weight in liquid, our built-in three-layer microfiber terry soaker, combined with our stay-dry microfleece, keeps baby feeling dry! An extra layer of terry lies between the microfleece and TPU body of the diaper for added protection. For even more convenience and quicker drying times, the soaker is sewn on one side - making it easy to add additional absorbent layers. This diaper is the fastest drying yet!

All in all, Thirsties Newborn AIO gets a BIG thumbs-up from your wallet, your family, your daycare facility, and occasional caretakers alike.

  • Convenient, trim fitting, and absorbent
  • Goes on in one simple step – cloth diapering doesn’t get easier
  • Snap closure version offers umbilical cord snap down which may be used while cord stump is present or belly button is healing 
  • 4 total layers of absorbent microfiber terry, a microfleece liner and a reliable waterproof exterior
  • Stay-dry microfleece liner provides wetness protection
  • Gentle elastic around legs and waist provides protection against leaks
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