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PicassoTiles - 26pc Metro City Set

PicassoTiles - 26pc Metro City Set

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DREAM BIG & BUILD BIG: Introducing PicassoTiles’ magnet tile construction building block Metro City Town themed set, featuring 26 magnetic toy pieces including 8 Vehicle Character Action Figures and various themed magnet tiles. This magnetic building tile playset inspires hours of imaginative pretend play and early learning discovery. Designed to spark educational journeys, it supports STEM development and nurtures creativity in children. Versatile for both kids and adults, it nurtures creativity and lifelong learning for ages 3 and up.

BPA-FREE & NON-TOXIC: We place safety above all else. Our PicassoTiles magnetic building tile block playsets are BPA-free and non-toxic, creating a safe environment for your child's playtime.

10 themed squares
4 themed rectangles
2 themed triangles
2 triangles
8 character action figures

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