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PicassoTiles - 26pc Farm Animal Set

PicassoTiles - 26pc Farm Animal Set

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Introduce youngsters to the open-ended world of imaginative play with the PicassoTiles Printed Fall Farm Themed toy playset (PTQ27), featuring a colorful selection of 18 magnet tile pieces and 8 farmyard animals character action figures to kick-start the fun. Seamlessly integrate this set with other PicassoTiles magnetic building blocks, enabling your child to craft and tell stories while immersing themselves in the elements of farm life during the fall season. This toy will naturally enhance fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, and cognitive abilities as kids experiment with magnetized tiles through storytelling. Perfect for boys and girls ages 3 and up.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: This playset provides versatility as the magnet building tiles and character action figures effortlessly blend with an array of our legacy PicassoTiles magnetic structural block playsets. This exciting compatibility opens the door to playtime adventures, inviting children to explore their creativity and imagination by constructing structures and by forging new friendships with magnetic characters. Bring dreams to life through imaginative play with this toy set.
  • LEARNING BY PLAYING: Our farm animal-themed building toy set not only delivers hours of fun but also fuels STEAM education allowing kids to explore their creative side while still engaging their brain. PicassoTiles toys naturally enhance fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, and cognitive abilities when experimenting with magnetized tiles through storytelling. This kit is a great addition for preschool activities or at-home play. Exhilarate playtime and stimulate young minds. 
  • PERFECT FOR GIFTING: Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or any special occasion, our magnetic farm animal character action figures playset makes an ideal present to complement other PicassoTiles full-sized tile playsets. It combines play and education in one, offering endless construction possibilities and capturing hearts and minds. Give the gift of STEAM learning, creativity, and fun with this toy kit. 
  • BPA-FREE & NON-TOXIC: We place safety above all else. Our PicassoTiles magnet building block tile toy set with accessory action figures are BPA-free and non-toxic, creating a safe environment for your child's playtime. This playset is guaranteed to create enjoyable amusement, with the piece of mind from knowing your little one?s exploration is shielded from harmful elements.


- 6 themed printed triangles
- 2 themed printed rectangles?
- 10 themed printed squares
- 8 Figures
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