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BALM! Baby - SHUE BUG! {Natural Bug Repellant Spray} - 2.7oz

BALM! Baby - SHUE BUG! {Natural Bug Repellant Spray} - 2.7oz

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Protect your family with BALM! Baby's SHUE BUG! Natural Bug Repellant Spray. This 2.7oz all-natural and organic formula is specifically created for tropical climates and has been put to the test in Hawaii. It's a must-have for bug protection that won't leave a strong, chemical smell. Keep your family safe and free of toxins with SHUE BUG!

Protect your kids from pesky bugs with BALM! Baby's SHUE BUG Natural Bug Repellant Spray! This effective and easy-to-use 2.7 oz. spray is formulated with only organic and natural ingredients, hand-crafted in the USA and enriched with a pleasant natural scent. DEET-free, vegan, nut-free and gluten-free, it also comes in a recycled aluminum container and is certified cruelty-free. Perfect for "buggy" areas!

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