Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks - Daredevil Stunt Team

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  • Say hello to the newest collection from Tegu: Stunt Team. This family of adventurers is right at home flying high or driving fast—their amazing feats are boundless with your imagination!
  • With unique personalities, Stunt Team members live to enjoy maximum fun in their signature vehicles, or with any other creation you make.
  • Go Behind the Block: If there’s a speed record around, Daredevil’s broken it.
  • Are you ready to build a finely-tuned racecar that’s primed to let loose? With four magnetic wheels and dozens of possible block creations, this brave stunter never shies away from a challenge!
  • Ready to rev-up the fun and race all day, Daredevil believes life is best lived to the limit.

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