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Super undies

Super Undies Nightime Undies -Aqua

Super Undies Nightime Undies -Aqua

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There are two layers of hidden build in absorbency and a two layer soaker pad visibly sewn to the inside. A pocket holds the absorbency secure while in use, while allowing it to freely move in the washer and dryer. This makes for a clean and quick drying pair of undies

Basic Washing Instructions:

  • Perform a cold water rinse for items that have sat for more than a day. Don't let items sit for more than 2 days.
  • Turn Undies inside out and place in a laundry garment bag.
  • Run a hot wash cycle - use a detergent you trust
  • Dry on medium
What to avoid: Fabric Softener and Excessive bleach

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