PicassoTiles 150pc 3-in-1 Theme Set

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Build a school, a hospital, or a police station with this magnetic tile kit from PicassoTiles. Lay down a themed map, and start building one of the three! The included car can even be designed to be a school bus, ambulance, or a police car.

PicassoTiles has truly thought everything with this magnetic building kit. Nurture a child’s brain development by teaching them that learning is fun. STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education allows a children to enhance his or her motor-skills, sense of color and shapes, and problem-solving abilities.

150 pieces included:

  • 3 theme maps – school, hospital, police station
  • 80 pieces of magnetic backings with theme designs
  • 69 pieces of magnet tiles building blocks
  • 1 interchangeable car – bus, ambulance, police car

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