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Mama Feeds Me All the Colors

Mama Feeds Me All the Colors

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Infants require essential nutrients for growth; fortunately, Mom can provide these when providing nourishment for baby via breastfeeding. Rich in a variety of colors and flavors, the array of fruits and vegetables baby will enjoy in her daily diet grow exponentially as she develops.

This board book celebrates the magic of breastfeeding while presenting babies with other delicious natural foods and introducing them by color. On one page baby will learn all about red foods, and on the next they will discover delicious green foods, all culminating in learning about the most important food of all! With simple text and beautiful illustrations, Mama Feeds Me All the Colors: A Book of Breastfeeding is an appreciation of breastfeeding mothers everywhere and an important step in normalizing such a vital tradition. A great resource for nursing babies and expectant parents, the book includes two pages of basic information about breastfeeding in the back.

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