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On The Farm Stacking Cubes

On The Farm Stacking Cubes

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This set promotes learning of the numerals 1 to 10 and encourages nesting and stacking of the cubes. Arrange and nest the cubes to form towering structures, and knock them down for endless fun. Parents will relish the educational benefits and the set's ability to fit effortlessly on a bookshelf. The cubes feature illustrations portraying Farmer Tim, his tractor, and various animals in amusing poses. Toddlers can learn to count the items in the pictures.

This set consists of 10 cubes of varying sizes crafted from sturdy cardboard. The tallest cube measures 5.5" in length and the set is suitable for ages 1 and up. It has also been honored with a PAL Award, honoring toys, games, and books that advance language development through play.

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