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HABA Kullerbu DragonLand Ball Track Play Set

HABA Kullerbu DragonLand Ball Track Play Set

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Age: 2 - 8 Years

This Kullerbu set guarantees hours of amusement for devotees of all ages. Balls roll down the awe-inspiring dragon volcano, revolve around the ball funnel and speed along the track. Subsequently, they whizz through the iconic dragon tunnel, complete with a dainty bell, before looping back to the volcano - thus re-initiating the ball's journey.

The set contains 1 dragon volcano, 1 dragon tunnel, 1 ball funnel, 4 curves, 3 straight tracks, 1 wavy curve, 1 ramp, 1 starting ramp, 3 columns, 12 connection elements, 1 dragon ball, 1 lava ball and 1 dino egg ball.


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