HABA Kullerbu City Stroll Set

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Age: 2 - 8 Years

Drive around the city for unlimited Kullerbu fun! This large Kullerbu starter set features unlimited driving fun with a momentum motor vehicle and 2 free-wheeling ball convertibles. Three set-up variations possible to accommodate balls and vehicles. Kullerbu is the perfect combination of wood and plastic parts and highlights the advantages of each material making this sturdy play system from HABA one that will last for your child's entire childhood - and beyond.

  • 58 Piece Set includes a variety of track pieces, cars and balls.
  • The City Stroll set can be expanded upon beautifully with the Roundabout Set, Construction Site Set or of course with additional track, columns, connectors and accessories. All sold separately.

Includes: 1 rollicking house effect, 1 house, 1 intersection, 2 traffic lights, 1 universal steep curve, 1 curved ramp, 2 wavy curves, 2 ramps, 2 exit ramps, 3 curves, 7 straight tracks, 4 columns, 1 turquoise speedster, 1 red-ball convertible, 1 ball Betty Bloomer, 1 ball Pepe Arrowswift, 26 connecting elements

Materials: beech, plywood

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