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All God's Creatures

All God's Creatures

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Join us in thanking God for all the wonderful animals in the world! Explore together as you look for who made cats, frogs, butterflies, giraffes, and more. Eye-catching flaps hide animal surprises and intrigue curious little ones as they ask, “Who made all the animals?” Engaging artwork and charming rhymes make this book a great introduction to these and other faith-based questions.

  • Sturdy flaps perfect for small hands encourage exploration and curiosity.
  • “They filled the ark, two by two. But who made all the animals?”
  • This sweet book helps little ones explore their faith and their world.
  • Our Babies Love titles are a perfect take-along size to bring to faith services with your little one.
  • These chunky lift-the-flap books encourage hand-eye coordination and support language readiness.
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