PicassoTiles 63 Piece Magnetic Building Tiles Toy Se

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Introducing the reflective magnetic tiles that can reflect light from colored tiles or create unique light reflection patterns. Help kids develop an early understanding of interaction between natural lights and mirrors!

 Combine magnetic tile fun with building construction bricks with these new magnet tiles that feature block sockets to connect brick pieces onto each of the magnets. Build bigger and more creative ideas with this innovative combination tile

Creativity beyond imagination, PicassoTiles construction building tiles offer both 3D and 2D endless creative combinations and learning opportunities for all ages (3+ and up),

In The Box: - 24 Large Magnet Tiles with Brick Spikes - 13 Equilateral Triangles - 8 Acute Triangles - 4 Mirror Reflection Tile - 1 Hollow Center Square Window Tile - 2 Rectangles - 1 Picture Square - 4 Quarter Circles - 4 Isosceles Triangles - 2 Brick Characters

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