Brain Quest for the car

Brain Quest for the car

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It’s fun to be smart with Brain Quest card decks, packed with curriculum-based questions. Loved by kids and teacher approved, and featuring hundreds of curriculum-based exercises and games, Brain Quest card decks reinforce classroom learning with a fun, fast-paced game. Brain Quest for the Car helps kids ages 7 – 12 learn all about different American history and culture, as well as wonders of the natural world––perfect for keeping kids on the go entertained in a smart and engaging way.

Covering state capitals, historical milestones, geographical oddities, and more, here is the new go-to game that makes every trip a learning adventure. The set of two decks let kids play with a friend or a parent – or even quiz themselves!

Each deck features hundreds of questions and answers to help kids know exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Featuring: Two full-color Q&A decks in a reusable flip-top storage box 1,100 questions and answers covering American history, geography, culture, and more

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